Study reports and impression

On the following pages you can read about the reason why our students decided for the international master´s programme Green Architecture.

Larisa a coto study report for Master Green Archtecture

Larisa a Coto Villalobos from Costa Rica

"During this master, I experienced the opportunity to be part of a group of different countries and cultures, personally I think that part of an international master is to interact and learn from experiences of other people. Professionally, I think this study is 100% complete with the high standards of every professor and the knowledge of each one in the different themes that were addressed."


Miriam Ramirez Baumgarten study report for Master Green Archtecture

Miriam Ramirez Baumgarten from Mexico

"This programme is unique because you get a chance to learn from professors with worldwide experience and colleagues who come from all over the world."


Javier Quiros Spain | WINGS-Fernstudium

Javier Quiròs Caso from Spain

"In my opinion, sustainability will play a crucial role in the future of architecture. This is the main reason I decided to start specific studies in this field. Apart from this, I was looking for gaining some experience abroad."


Sean Brunke from South Africa

"I would like to start this testimonial thanking everyone at Hochschule Wismar that made my international studies possible. It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. So thanks for making it a reality and for accepting me into the course."


Adriana Ochoa Rodríguez from Mexico

"Professionally, I found a job that allows me to work with people that share my ideas on sustainable urban design, where I am involved in projects that have a real impact on the city and the environment . Personally, it helped me make changes in my lifestyle that improve my relationship with the environment, it also gave me bases to reach other people with these eco-friendly concepts
to change their lifestyles as well."


Emin Onur Demican from Russia

"Flexibility in studying, chances in going on in academic way, studying together with academicians and professionals from different cultures and countries make this study unique and challengeable."


Impressions from seminar weeks 2016