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Miriam Ramirez Baumgarten, Mexico


1. Why did you decide to study the master’s programme Green Architecture?
Hi, I am Miriam, I live in México and I decided to study the master´s programme Green Architecture because I believe that it is possible to improve the quality of life, human health and well being through the built environment and that we can create communities that are socially responsible and ecologically oriented.

2. What are the benefits you experienced during the study, professionally and personally?
Through this study I have had the opportunity to know people from different cultural backgrounds which has made this a very rich life experience both professionally and personally.

3. What makes this study programme unique?
This programme is unique because you get a chance to learn from professors with worldwide experience and colleagues who come from all over the world.

4. How do you like the study concept, self-directed study combined with on campus seminars (workshop weeks, excursions)?
The study concept, self-directed study combined with on campus seminars is great because it allows you to continue developing your career while at the same time travel in Germany and study a master´s programme without having to choose between academics or professional career growth.

5. How do you deal about the exchange and cooperation with your study colleagues and lecturers?
Through online conferences, emails, and social networks, living in a connected world makes it possible for this programme to be a success. It is just a matter of finding a time of the day that will work for everyone.

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