Impression from Wismar seminar 2016

Impression from Bangkok seminar 2016

Our students from the blended learning programme met up for their summer seminar in Bangkok. One part of this workshop was a lighting mock-up at the UNESCO world heritage site Wat Mahathat in Auytthaya. The students prepared a lighting design concept to develop a lighting design master plan for this area afterwards.

Before starting this project Prof. Dr. Acharawan Chutarat, from KMUTT University, held an introduction seminar about the temple area and the historical background.

After the seminar, first ideas were collected by the students,

sketches were made and designs created.

Then lights and luminaires were selected

and finally, some specific parts of the temple were illuminated,

by using IPads to control the lighting scene!

Seminar Week Bangkok 2015

Seminar Week Berlin 2014

Impression from the seminarweek in Berlin with the study groups 2012 and 2013.

Lighring Design Cours 2013 at the Berlin Workshop 2014

Group-photo Lighting Design course 2012 at the seminarweek 2014 in Berlin.

Lighting Design exkurs to the TU Berlin

Excursion at the TU-Berlin with the Lighting Design course 2013.

Lighting Design production survey at Sill in berlin

Production tour at Sill Lighting in Berlin with the Lighting Design study group 2012.

Seminar Week Bangkok 2013

Impressions from the first week in Bangkok with the Course 2012.

Fernstudium Master Lighting Design Bangkok

Group picture of the first course, started in September 2012. 
In the background you can see the Phra Boromthat Maha Chedi (The Great Pagoda) which was used for some lighting practice

Fernstudium Master Lighting Design preparing

Students are preparing the lighting project for the chedi.

Fernstudium Master Lighting Design selecting headlights

The group is selecting the correct headlights

Fernstudium Master Lightng Design position headlights

Choosing the right position for the headlights

Fernstudium Master Lighting Design finish

The illuminated Phara Boromathat Maha Chedi in Kadejeen Area

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