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Part-time programme
Master's in Lighting Design

Master Lighting Design | WINGS-Fernstudium

Part-time programme
Master's in Lighting Design

Master Lighting Design | WINGS-Fernstudium
Robert Friedrich

Robert Friedrich

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Master's in Lighting Design

The professional part-time programme is a design-based Master’s in Lighting Design offered by the Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design (Germany). The aim of our professional master’s course is to train lighting designers comprehensively.

The highly regarded qualifications and skills gained through this degree, offer graduates the opportunity to work in many related fields. Students are encouraged to investigate artistic, physical and psychological aspects of lighting, using creative and autonomous methods. This is to be done while keeping both human well-being and the standards of sustainable architecture in mind.

German University Degree
Master of Arts (M.A.)


Study duration
5 semesters

Type of study
Part-time course for professionals

Next start
Winter semester 2024/25 (Sep.)

Enrolment deadline
31 August 2024

1 week per semester

Wismar, Berlin, Bangkok


Bewertungssiegel Award Master Lighting Design | WINGS-Fernstudium
Roger Narboni Lighting Designer & Dozent | WINGS-Fernstudium

Special about the course Lighting Design at WINGS is the diversity of the students that are coming from almost all parts of the world with different cultures, different knowledges and diverse dreams about lighting and lighting design."

Roger Narboni from Paris Lighting Designer & Lecturer
Nikolay Kabluka | Absolvent Master Lighting Design

Thank you very much for the invaluable knowledge I have gained here. I definitely recommend Wismar University as an effective way to increase professionalism through an excellent training program and individual approach."

Nikolay Kabluka from Dnipro (Ukraine) Winner of the LIT Design Award 2021
Artem Masorin - Lighting Designer | WINGS Professional Studies

I was the most excited to learn from such a diverse group of people: students, professors, and guest lecturers from all parts of the world and with different backgrounds.“

Artem Masorin from Berlin „40 under forty“ award – top lighting designers in 2020
Sivasankar Vethanayakam Master Lighting Design | WINGS-Fernstudium

This recognition from LIT Awards inspires me further to pursue my passion & work harder towards my goals. I consider it as a certificate for my efforts to think, adapt & experiment with lighting."

Sivasankar Vethanayakam from Mumbai Lighting Consultant, Alumnus Master Lighting Design at WINGS & honorable mentioned by LIT Award 2023
Dashak Agrawal Lighting Designer | WINGS-Fernstudium

I studied at the distance learning - Lighting design program at WINGS University from 2014 to 2016. I learnt a lot during the course of the program, not only professionally but also personally. With the best of faculty teaching us and eight years of experience in the lighting industry, I have managed to further expand my horizon about this particular field. Alongside, since we were a batch of students belonging to 15 countries, the exposure and interactions have only helped me garner knowledge. All like good things come to an end, so did Wismar. The course at Wismar, not only did it give me friends for life, but also honed my skills and exponentially grew my knowledge in the field of lighting design."

Dashak Agrawal from India The Love of Light

The Master’s programme Lighting Design is specifically tailored for professionals working in the field of architecture, interior design, lighting, theatre or electrical and building engineering. The combination of ‘Lighting Design’ and ‘Design Management’ provides you with the creative and technical knowledge to manage lighting design projects as well as the economic and marketing aspects necessary to manage offices professionally. You will understand market analysis tools and the strategic management approach. Design management also includes the vision of design as part of the customer value chain.

The international master's programme combines studying in your own time with seminar weeks organised once every semester in Wismar, Berlin and Bangkok. The seminar weeks are designed around lectures, presentations, workshops and excursion to lighting manufacturers and light installations. The medium of instruction is English, ensuring that the programme remains open to all those interested from around the world. The study programme is based on 20 years of experience in teaching Lighting design here in Wismar and has received the proof of accreditation from the German authority. Our programme has been awarded for its excellence.

More than 170 lighting planners, architects, designers and electrical engineers from 46 nations have already successfully completed the part-time programme Master's in Lighting Design - including some winners of international Lighting Design Awards.

Master's programme for professionals

Part time & available worldwide

International lecturers & locations

German University Degree

After a successful graduation you will receive the international accrediteted German university degree 'Master of Arts (M.A.)'. 

Find out more on the following pages, including information on course contents, organisation, admission, workshops and projects, and study reports from international students in the Master’s programme Lighting Design.

Next start: winter semester 2024/2025
Application deadline: 31 August 2024

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I will be glad to get in touch with you individually by telephone or email. You can reach me by telephone on +49 3841 / 753-5142 or by email at r.friedrich@wings.hs-wismar.de.

Gewinne dein Fernstudium | WINGS-Fernstudium

Enrol by 31 July

& win your part-time course

It pays to be quick. WINGS is giving away 2 x 1 part-time course with a total value of at least €17,400 among all applicants until July 31.

Apply now

Initiation session: November (online)
First seminar week: beginning of January (participation online)

The road to becoming an international student is paved with deadlines. So are most of the milestones you’ll need to pass throughout the process, such as applying for financial aid, tourist visa, the language exam and others.

It is a common fact that, if you want to enrol in an American university, you should begin documenting for your application two years before you actually apply. In other countries and Europe, you can begin the process one year before submitting the documents.

Accelerated WINGS application process:

However, for the professional Master’s programme in Lighting Design at Wismar University we are offering a much faster application process (within one month).

Don’t miss the chance and start your studies in 2024!

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