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Part-time programme
Master's in Lighting Design

Master Lighting Design | WINGS-Fernstudium

Part-time programme
Master's in Lighting Design

Master Lighting Design | WINGS-Fernstudium
Robert Friedrich

Robert Friedrich

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The Erasmus+Strategic Partnership Project "Light4Health" explores innovative, open educational resources and tools for lighting design students and professionals based on health research. Wismar University of Applied Sciences and thus also WINGS Professional Studies are part of the project. The L4H project was officially launched on 4 October 2018. Over three years, the Consortium has participated in three summer schools, workshops and meetings to create a trans-disciplinary teaching course on the topic of "Health Research for Lighting Design". The course will consist of five educational modules:

  • Module 1: An Introduction to health- related research for lighting design
  • Module 2: Review on lighting basics & health research topics
  • Module 3: Software + Measuring devices and evaluation tools
  • Module 4: Standards and Best Practices
  • Module 5: Application and examples of practice

As a result of the L4H project, educational materials, video lectures and interactive exercises will be placed on a Virtual Platform created through the project. Access to the platform will be open to anyone interested in the L4H project free of charge. The idea of this Virtual Platform is to unite the best educational resources, materials, methods and tools to research the influence of light on human health in lighting design, and to develop the quality of light and lighting environment. Among the research interests considered in the project are neurology, photobiology, neuroendocrinology, psychophysiology and psychology.

Research focus

Develop a novel educational course to teach health research methods and findings to lighting designers at graduate level.

Project Lead:

Prof. Dipl. Ing. M.Sc. Michael F. Rohde
Asst. Prof. Dr. Karolina M. Zielińska-Dąbkowska

Project Assistance:

Bipin Rao, M.Sc.

Partner universities:

Associated partners:

VIA-Verlag company, Germany
Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy
Vicenza Institute of Architecture, Italy
Roma Tre University, Italy
Tallinn University, Estonia – The School of Digital Technologies
Janowicz Architekci