Conditions of participation

1. What does "Bring a friend?" mean?

Are you satisfied with your studies at WINGS? Please recommend us to your friends, family members or acquaintances. We would like to show our appreciation with an Amazon giftcard worth € 150. The promotion includes the recommendation on the current offers of part time and online study programmes at WINGS.
2. Who can participate?

You can participate in the promotion and receive the bonus if

  • you recruit a future part time or online student and inform us of this in advance via the online form
  • the recruited person agrees to the transfer of his or her data (surname, first name)
  • the recruited person is enrolled in a part time or online study programme, starts the study programme, pays the semester fees and other costs and does not revoke the part time contract
  • the recruited person has not yet been registered as an applicant (online or by mail) for a study programme at WINGS before the advertisement. A subsequent recognition of possible advertising is excluded.

3. Bonus

  • The bonus includes an Amazon giftcard worth € 150.
  • The voucher will be send by e-mail on 1 May for the summer semester or 1 October for the winter semester.
  • The recommendation is valid for 1 year from the date of notification via the online form "Bring a Friend". 
  • A bonus is made only once per referred person. If several participants plausibly claim the advertising for themselves, the sum will be divided equally among them by WINGS.
  • The bonus can only be paid to private persons.
  • A cash payment of the giftcard is excluded.

4. Exclusion from participation

All employees of WINGS GmbH and Wismar University of Applied Sciences as well as all cooperation partners of WINGS GmbH are excluded from participation.

(Status: August 2022)


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