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Our further education course International Business Coach offers you the opportunity to interact in English at all communication levels in order to:

...develop and promote self-reflection and self-awareness, communication skills, feedback skills, problem-solving skills, the willingness to learn and change - for oneself as well as in others;

… gain proficiency and develop in others the skill to confidently balance personal needs and professional role, as well as to fulfil assigned tasks with a clear understanding of roles while taking into consideration international and intercultural factors;

… support collaborators and/or international clients in reflecting their own professional situation, setting goals, and prioritising tasks to act then effectively;

… help organisations achieve long-term success by establishing coaching as a recognised measure for personality and professional development, promoting and practicing it in the daily business context as well as in change processes;

… be able to reflect and communicate one's thoughts, feelings and actions within the context of intercultural and international demands in a better way;

… coach in English authentically, empathically and on an equal footing.

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