Course Objectives

The programme focuses especially on the increase of leading and intercultural coaching competences being as follows:

Expanding self-management and emotional intelligence

Graduates gain clarity about their personal motives and values and can develop them on their own; they ensure openness towards others - particularly in an international environment - and can support clients/coachees in their growth process without bias.

Strengthening self-efficacy and action competence

Graduates are able to reflect on one's own behaviour and trace back their personal emotions, motives and values in order to ensure independence and neutrality in interaction with the client/ coachee. The focus is on the successful implementation of the client/coachee's desire for change. The coach can support this process in a neutral, competent and goal-oriented manner.

Developing coaching competences

Graduates are able to identify, individually assess and promote dormant abilities and competences of their clients/coachees.

Aquiring methodological skills

At the end of the course, graduates will be equipped with a rich toolbox they can use and further develop working with clients/coachees.

Expanding social and communication skills

Graduates are able to communicate in a relationship-oriented and objective manner, marked by appreciation, respect and above all neutrality, a particular important element in an international/intercultural context.

Reflecting existing field competences

Graduates are able to incorporate their special knowledge and expertise in the coaching process in a manner that supports the freedom of the clients/ coachees.

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