The curriculum covers information technology as deployed in current business scenarios Project work is a key component, and accounts for half the programme content.  The programme concludes with the preparation of the Master's thesis in the forth semester. Project work in total accounts for half of the programme mark, and shall represent a significant contribution to the attainment of the corporate goals of the host organisation. The project will be assessed according to international academic standards.

Semester 1
  • Information Technology in Business
  • Business Modelling for Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Integrated Business Systems
Semester 2
  • Knowledge Management
  • Information Security
  • Integrative Industrial Thought
  • Business Systems Project I
Semester 3
  • Database Systems and Data Management
  • Contemporary Issues in BIS
  • Business Systems Project II
  • Elective subject 1
  • Elective Subject 2
Semester 4
  • Master Thesis
    The thesis is an account of the project work of high academic standing. It will provide a sound and rigorous description of the academic foundation of the work-based project. It is assessed according to international academic standards.


Elective subjects can be chosen among the following topics:

  • Business Process Design
  • Quality and Reliability
  • Managerial Effectiveness
  • Marketing Decision Systems
  • Financial Modelling
  • Economic Policy
  • Management Development for Global Business
  • Applied e-Business
  • Software Systems Design and Development
  • Computer Models for Business Decisions
  • The Multimedia Industry