sequence of events


After a successful application you will receive notification of admission from Wismar University together with the invoice for the first payment to Wings GmbH.  As soon as the payment is credited you are automatically matriculated as a Wismar University student.

Starting Event

Our first event occurs at the end of October.  The course leaders Prof. Glücklich and Prof. Wollensak will welcome you then.  You will be given an overview of all four semesters and will be able to discuss the study material for the first semester as well as viewing the intranet platform StudIP.  On top of this you will be able to get to know your tutors for the first semester and your fellow students.

Course Structure

In the first semester there will be 3 modules which are sub-divided into 3 or occasionally 4 sections.  In semesters 2 and 3 this structure will continue.  Modules are either completed in one semester (Fundamental Principles and Energy) or, for example Planning and Design, continued over two semesters.


At the conclusion of each module there is an examination.  Usually this takes the form of either a written exam or project work.  Your tutor will tell you at the beginning of the semester which form the examination will take for a particular module.

Conclusion of the Course

For your Master's thesis, either in German or English, you have 24 weeks in the fourth semester for completion.  You will decide on the topic of the thesis with your lecturers.  It can and should be of direct relevance to the work you are doing in your profession.

After successfully defence of your thesis during an oral examination you will be awarded the degree of ‘Master of Science' by the University of Wismar.