Financial management


  • The basic framework of corporate finance
  • Managing long-term investments (capital budgeting, risk and return, cost of capital)
  • Forms of financing (equity-, debt- and mezzanine finance, incl. raising capital)
  • The long-term financing policy (capital structure and payout policy)
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Financial risk management

Learning outcomes

  • Students understand the fundamental role of corporate finance issues for a company’s perspectives to grow and create value.
  • Students know the basic methods of capital budgeting and are able to use these methods to analyse and evaluate investment projects and the respective financing needs of the company
  • Students know the broad range of relevant financial instruments (equity-, debt- and mezzanine finance) and the basic sources and procedures of raising capital
  • Students are able to analyse and evaluate the company’s financial structure and financial needs and develop a long-term financial plan as well as a (short-term) cash budget
  • Students have a basic knowledge of financial risk management instruments (financial derivatives like options and futures)

Credit points