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Shipping courses and refresher trainings

Our shipping courses include a great variety of certification courses at Hochschule Wismar - University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design. 

These shipping courses and refresher trainings in navigation, radio operation, cargo handling, ship handling, resource management and ship engine operation are supplemented by special offers for management of shipping companies. The strong growth in maritime business in recent years has led to a significant demand in qualified further education for masters and ships' officers that meets the greater challenges of managing modern seagoing vessels. As such, we are offering a complex, holistic further education programme for all areas of the maritime sector that meets the demand of clients based on international regulations such as STCW.

Using our Maritime Simulation Centre in Rostock (Warnemünde), which is equipped with the very latest technology, the programme focuses explicitly on the needs of management on seagoing vessels. In line with the developments in international sea transport, the use of simulators for training captains, navigational ships' officers, chief engineers and technical ships' officers has increased steadily over the past years and has become an essential part of further education in this area.

Next course starts:

ARPA | 02.05.2022

ECDIS generic | 25.04.2022
HAZMAT Refresher |04.05.2022
Polar Code basic | 09.05.2025

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