Career Options 

For professional Bachelor/Diploma engineers in the areas of information technology, telecommunications, electrical engineering or communication technology, in particular, the Information Technology and Management Master correspondence study course offers the possibility to, say, independently lead projects / project teams in the future as a development engineer. Alongside in-depth specialist communications knowledge, you also acquire the necessary economic know-how in the Information Technology and Management Master correspondence study course. 

A wide range of career opportunities are available – particularly in companies and institutions, in which a high level of both business and technical expertise is sought. The scope for commercial engineers is extremely diverse. This includes in:

  • supply businesses in the automobile and aerospace industry,
  • automotive engineering,
  • automation technology and robotics
  • print and media technology,
  • medical technology, and
  • communication technology.

Your "Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)" degree is a high-ranking, state-conferred degree awarded by the Wismar University. It is both nationally and internationally recognised. This title reflects your commitment for personal self-improvement, provides a high degree of expertise and opens further options, such as entry into a career in the senior civil service or the writing of a doctoral thesis. With the extra-occupational Master correspondence study course, we provide both actual and would-be management executives with the opportunity to acquire university-level qualifications in a period of four semesters alongside their professional daily life.

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