The Information Technology and Management Master is an extra-occupational correspondence study course comprising a total of four semesters.

The study programme combines self-study phases with one-day local attendance events. You merely have to attend these events at the study location of your choice on three weekends per semester. The examination normally takes place at the end of the attendance day in the form of a 120-minute written test. As an alternative examination performance, you may be presented with assignments, oral presentations or conducting group and project works on real case studies within the framework of the attendance event.

At the beginning of a semester, our students receive their individual semester packet. This contains all the teaching material (distance learning units and textbooks) relevant for the semester. On the basis of the integrated self-study subject content, you decide when to work on the thematic content of the study.

Our study organisation is aimed at ensuring that your Information Technology and Management Master correspondence study course is optimally compatible with your professional activities.

As a distance learner, you are a regular enroled student of the state University of Wismar and enjoy all the associated rights, such as student discounts.


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