Time schedule

The International Logistics & Trade MBA online learning programme will begin in the winter term with a joint online kick-off event. During the kick-off event, the content of the programme will be explained to you and you will be given important information on the organisational aspects of your studies.

This will be followed by the first self-study phase, during which you will be supported by online tutorials. These appointments consist of courses as video conferences in which our lecturers support you in your self-study and are available for your questions.

Each term ends with workshops which are attended in person, in which the content of the semester is summarised and condensed in various ways. The development of study logs and group work makes these weekends a particularly special experience. The international expansion of your personal and professional network is also an essential aspect of these events.

Our three workshops will take place in European cities like Barcelona, Copenhagen and Berlin.

But of course we always adapt our workshops to the current developments to the constraints related to Covid 19 and have developed online alternatives if the situation does not allow presence workshops.

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