Rethink the Night 2021 - be part of the first online workshop

8th International Lighting Design Workshop (ILDW)


  • The entire workshop will be online and take place from October 5th to 7th between 12pm and 8pm.
  • We will pay 50% of the tuition fee for applicants.
  • You can find more information on Rethink The Night!

How to take part in this fantastic workshop:

  • The places are allocated according to a raffle system in the presence of two professors and a WINGS employee.
  • Apply for our master’s degree program by August 31 and automatically take part in the raffle.

The workshop encompasses

1. KNOWLEDGE about following topics

  •  Cultural Background of Light Choreographies
  •  Semantics of Dynamic Lighting Patterns
  •  Dynamic Visual Perception
  •  Dynamic Lighting Technologies
  •  Dimming Technologies
  •  Lighting Control Systems and respective Interfaces

to be conveyed to the participants with respective lectures.

2. EXPERIMENTATION TRAINING consisting in the fulfilment of following tasks

  • Configuration and Masking of a 100 RGB-LED-Pixel to be arranged accordingly over a floor surface along a band of 4m length
  • Lighting Control Exercises – Programming of Dimming Curves, Scenes and Cues
  • Generation of a Light Event Timeline according to the respective evaluation of the timeline of auditory stimuli of a selected soundtrack
  • Dynamic Lighting Programming and Specification of all intermediate scenes according to the generated timeline
  • Implementation of the derived Light Choreography composition on the masked floor surface, backlit by a digital pixel-addressable colour tuneable configuration
  • Discussion about possible Fields of Application of the finished design

Wismar University is supporting this workshop since 2014 among other European academic institutes. The headline is first and foremost a plea for a linguistic approach to lighting design, which is being introduced by the workshop to serve its participants as a precious resource of training in visual semantics of night and of developing literacy of night ambience simulations.

Impressions (Video): Synesthetic exercises - Workshops in Lagonissi / Attica 2020.

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