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You start your self-study at the beginning of the semester. The teaching materials considered appropriate by the persons responsible for the modules are fully included in the semester fee. These materials comprise not only specialist books and textbooks but also suitable, didactically based, distance learning units. These classical teaching materials are designed to ensure that your distance learning is not restrained by any location, time or technical perspective. On average, you should plan a workload of 15 hours a week for this purpose.

Attendance events

The attendance events (mostly eight hours in duration) represent the supplementary analysis (in the form of seminars) of the contents provided in the study materials. Study groups (of a maximum of 25 participants) provide the appropriate opportunity for group and project works. In the course of these full-day events, issues are explored, while problem areas of the individual modules are discussed and developed. The events regularly conclude with the appropriate examination performance.

Telephone conferences

The telephone conferences usually take place before the attendance events. During the telephone consultation, you discuss fundamental issues concerning the study content with your teacher.

Online Campus

The online Campus (STUD.IP) is at your disposal for the whole period of your distance learning. STUD.IP is the central study-related communication medium, which you can use to gain interactive and learning group-oriented contact to fellow students, teachers as well as your personal study course coordinator.

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