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With our flexible online MBA course International Logistics & Trade we offer you high-quality academic education using state-of-the-art multimedia communication and e-learning tools. Our Master‘s degree programme MBA International Logistics & Trade is taught in English and available worldwide.

Our professors at Wismar University of Applied Sciences and the particularly qualified lecturers from the business world with their practical experience are highly motivated to take you to your professional and academic goal. They design and lead your courses and thus guarantee the highest academic quality.

International workshops

At the end of each semester one workshop weekend takes place in the European cities of Berlin, Copenhagen and Barcelona. This is where you will apply the knowledge you have acquired and talk about your experiences with your fellow students. You will expand your personal network and have the opportunity to study topics in greater depth.

Examination locations in the online modules

You can choose from several examination days per semester. The examination days take place exclusively at weekends. You can take your examinations in the online modules flexibly at one of our 16 fixed examination locations in Germany and AustriaPrüfungsstandorte Onlinestudium | WINGS-Fernstudium

or worldwide at Goethe Institutes, partner universities, embassies or public institutions. If required, you are also allowed to complete the exams at other locations (after individual consultation with your course coordinator). 

Alternatively and depending on the respective module, examinations can be submitted as presentation, as group and project work on real case studies conducted via online meetings.

Study app - flexible learning 24/7

Via Study App you always have your studies with you - interactive video lectures and audio films can be accessed online and offline around the clock. This lets you flexible study at any time of day, independent of location and internet. And: If you would like to repeat something, just take a look at the corresponding lecture part again.

Forms of teaching

Asynchronous online study using an online module with chapter-by-chapter test questions and other interactive elements

  • Accompaniment of the module by synchronous live video tutorials with a trained tutor (contact instruction)

  • Self-study using a didactically prepared learning document and the asynchronous online module with examples / case studies

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