Wismar University (Germany)

The Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design is an advanced and innovative education and research institution looking back to over 100-years of academic excellence. It is an International University that is practice and business oriented with over 8,100 students studying both oncampus and through part-time. Every part-time student is officially enrolled at the Wismar University and extensively and individually supported by WINGS (Wismar International Graduation School), a subsidiary company of the Wismar University.

Wismar University | WINGS-Fernstudium

Due to several contacts in Europe, the Baltic region, America, Latin America, Asia and in particular South Africa, a variety of intercultural characteristics can be distinctively found in our research and teaching methods. Currently there are students from all over the world who are participating in our part-time programmes. With more than 5,200 part-time students, WINGS has become one of the leading providers of part-time programmes for professionals in Germany. The study programmes and certified further education for professionals are offered in the fields of economy, technology and design through which you can gain a higher public education degree such as a Bachelor’s, Diploma or Master’s.

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