Start your part time programme Master´s in Lighting Design now. Due to the pandemic, we have switched the 1st semester to online teaching in the winter semester 2021/22. Here are some good reasons to still enroll until 30 September.

  • Safe start to your studies » The first semester is carried out purely online
  • Save time & stress » The seminar week in January also takes place online
  • Save money » If you register by 30 September, you will receive a discount of € 780.


The international Master's program comprises of focussed lectures in Wismar, Berlin and Bangkok. The lectures are taught in English, ensuring that the programme remains open to all who are interested from around the world. The course incorporates valuable lessons learned from the Wismar-based programme which has developed into a highly sought after course of study with an established faculty. Students consistently evaluate the study programme positively. Additional influence was brought by the expertise of the WINGS Company, which currently educates more than 5,400 online and professional part time students for example from the USA. The course was developed on the basis of experience, which was gained from classes, training programmes and courses offered both domestically and abroad.

The content of the curriculum was devised from the training concept put forth by the European Lighting Designers Association, ELDA (now PLDA). After discussions with lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers, the content was extended and completed. We were actively encouraged by the professionals to start this part time programme first time in winter semester 2012/13.

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