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1. Architectural Lighting Design: General

Why do students choose to come to Wismar?
Wismar University is the only university in the world which is offering the combination of Architectural Lighting and Design Management in one Master´s programme! This course is designed for professionals who are working in the field of lighting* and want to gain more academic knowledge in field of lighting design and design management. The chance to study Lighting Design in English also appeals to many as it is a widely spoken language and the classes allow students from across the world to take part easily.

* a plurality of positions are associated with the lighting field

2. Architectural Lighting and Design Programme

What is the course structure?
The programmes consist of 5 semesters study. Course participants will meet once a semester for one week seminars in Wismar (twice), Berlin (twice) and Bangkok. During this week students will have classes, workshops as well as excursions. Between this seminar weeks, students are supported by the lecturers via online consultations.

» The master course starts each Autumn semester.

The schedule for each the workshop weeks during the two and a half year programme:
• initiation session / October - Online
• 1st seminar week / mid January - Wismar Germany (online in pandemic mode)
• 2nd seminar week/ mid July - Berlin Germany (online in pandemic mode)
• 3rd seminar week / mid February - Bangkok Thailand (online in pandemic mode)
• 4th seminar week / mid July - Berlin Germany (online in pandemic mode)
• 5th seminar week presentation master-thesis/ mid January - Wismar Germany
(online in pandemic mode)

What kinds of Excursions will I be able to take part in?
Excursions vary each semester and location. In the past we started in Wismar with Kunstmuseum Ahrendhoop and workshops in the Lightlab of Wismar University. In Berlin we were visiting the TU Berlin Chair of Lighting Technology, burial chapel at Dorotheenstädtischer cemetery with light installation by James Turrell. In Bangkok we visited Wat Mahathat Ayutthaya. In addition tot hat students visit many manufacturers at each the locations.

What Possibilities are available for Scholarships?
There are currently no scholarships available for part-time study. Students cannot apply for a DAAD scholarship if they are studying in a distance learning course. Most students pay the fee themselves or have their company pay for it.

What are the semester dates?
The course starts each in winter semester only. Winter semester dates are 01.09. – 28.02. and summer semester – 01.03.-31.08. The timetables for each semester are published at the beginning of each semester. As a rule, weekly online consultations take place, usually on Mondays from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How much is tuition fee?
The tuition fee is 3900€ each semester (19.500 € for 5 semester course). This fee includes room and board during the seminar weeks as well as study materials. NOT included are the individual travel expenses.

Which language is important for this studies?
Architectural Lighting and Design Management is taught only in English so there is no need to communicate German. Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL Test with 80 points or IELTS with 6.0 or similar) is needed or you can confirm  our English knowledge as the following:
• you are English native speaker
• your first studies was taught in English or
• your business language is English.

Are there many international students registered in the programme?
85% of Architectural Lighting and Design Management students are from abroad and come from all over the world. Many international students with different backgrounds such as Architecture, Product Design, Engineering and  International Business Management with more then one year of work experience.

3. Application Process

» Application deadline is August 31st of each year

How do I apply for a position in the course?
To apply for the Master Degree course Architectural Lighting Design please send your pre check documents to

This message should include the following documents (pdf files only accepted):
• CV
• A copy of your Bachelor degree and transcript (if you already have a Master´s degree please this degree as well)
• A portfolio of you professional work experience (this document can be submitted within the next two weeks, if you do not have it finished yet).
• A confirmation of work experience (from your company or freelance work experience or if your run your own business please hand in a copy of your registration certified from a notary).
• Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL Test with 80 points or IELTS with 6.0 or similar) or
proofing your English knowledge by handing in one oft he following :
• you are English native speaker
• your first studies was taught in English or
• your business language is English (confirmed by your company).
• An essay outlining your your interest in the programme (What are your expectations regarding the studies?What are your skills.
After a successful checking process, you are asked to hand in the certified documents via airmail/post.

What is a motivation letter?
A motivation letter is simply a written letter to the university stating why you want to study Architectural Lighting and Design Management at the Hochschule Wismar, your personal motivations and your expectations of the course and what you will get out of it. The format is similar to a cover letter that accompanies you CV when applying for a job (half a page).

What do I need to show in the portfolio?
The portfolio should demonstrate the type of work or projects you have done in the past years. These should be set as PDF files. The purpose of the portfolio is to allow the Professors to get an idea of your skills for you to show that you are capable of undertaking this degree programme.

Which documents are accepted as proof of English language?
As proof of English knowledge we do accept TOEFL-Certificate or IELTS as well as the following:
• you are English native speaker
• your first studies was taught in English or
• your business language is English (confirmed by your company).

Which visa do I need?
Students of this part-time (distance learning) master’s course only apply for a tourist visa, as they only attend individual seminar weeks each semester (no longer than 11 days.)

How the students are accommodated during the seminar weeks?
Students live in hotels in the city center and all have single rooms.

Will I be enrolled as a regular student even if I am a part-time student?
Yes, you are studying and registered here at Wismar University, a state university in Germany.

What is my degree certificate about?
If you successfully graduate this master´s course, you will graduate with a Master´s of Arts (M.A.) with 120 CP (credit points). You certificate will also show all the modules and grades as well.

Are graduates entitles the holder to do a doctorate after completing the master‘s
Yes, with this master’s degree, graduates can continue with a pdh program / doctorate. However, the University of Wismar is not entitled to a doctoral degree. If you are interested, please speak to the head of the course, Prof.  Dr. Thomas Römhild, before you apply for this degree programme.

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