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MBA Logistics & Trade

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Part-time programme
MBA Logistics & Trade

MBA Logistik | WINGS-Fernstudium
Robert Friedrich

Robert Friedrich

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Felícia Claudinanda Cruz Carvalho

Vice-Minister of Finance, Republic Democratic Timor-Leste | WINGS-Fernstudium

Vice-Minister of Finance, Republic Democratic Timor-Leste

Why did you decide to study at WINGS?

After completing my studies in Australia, it was my dream to do my further study at one of German‘s Universities. While browsing potential Universities that offers the combine two areas of my interest Business Administration and Trade, it directed me to WINGS. I fell in love with English-taught Master’s degree Programmes that Wismar University/WINGS offers to students in the fields of economy, tecnology and design and having the credibilty of Wismar University as one of the best German‘s universites. WINGS Master’s degree organised by subjects and best information to help me select the right degree, the MBA International Logistics and Trade is indeed the right degree for me. I am proud to gain a higher public education degree from Wismar University/WINGS.

What do you particularly like about your studies at WINGS?

This program is very competitive, attracting higly motivated students from all over the world. The curriculum and the course perfectly matches my research interests and profile. Also gaining knowledge from peers students in particular their area of expertise and country context. I‘m studying in the subject that I love. Coming from someone working in the public sector, I wish to gain more knowledge in trade and international logistics. It is motivating to study complex areas such as supply chain, distribution and production, value chain, international logistics and global trade. Therefore studying at WINGs is indeed an exciting experience.

You live abroad, what hurdles do you have to deal with? (Time change, exam situations)

The obvious hurdle that I have to deal with is the time difference between Timor-Leste and Germany and I have to find a balance between studying and dealing with my current role as a Vice-Minister of Finance. Another obstacle is the exam arrangements in terms of my preference it would be favourable to have a combine essays and exams in each semester.

How does WINGS accommodate you and how helpful is the personal studycoach?

The lecturers with their respective specialisms enable me as a student to have a better learning experience and a deeper understanding of complex topics. The student coordinator (Mr. Nils Weber) has been extremely helpful in this journey in terms of assisting me in getting into the course, ensuring me meeting with exams deadlines, and importantly coordinating on managing of balance between exams and my work. 

What can you take away from the professional part time program for your practice/job?

I believe that I must build on my academic strength in the area of Trade and Logistics to best serve the nation and sector that I will be working for. I gained knowledge from curriculum of the course which reflects and support on my day to day current role. I am overseeing complex areas in particular revenue collection of the state such as: supervision of Customs Authority, oversight the operations of the Timor Port; Timor-Leste accession to World Trade Organization and post-accession, and accession to the ASEAN membership, supply chains, production and distribution, international logistics and global trade.

How has your life changed as a result of distance learning?

With a carreer spanning over 14 years, I served in a variety of roles and in different institutions. Most of my learning of the complex theory of politics and management were obtainied through “on the job“ or “hands on“ approach. I’ve dedicated myself to the public sector, contributing significantly to sustainable development and policy implementation and actively shaping policies and advance strategic initiatives. Through the MBA International Logistics and Trade I will be able to have a better understanding of businesses and enterprises that are controlled by private individuals and groups for the purpose of making a profit under the international logistics and trade. In my current role as Vice-Minister of Finance, the curriculum nurished me with a in-depth knowledge in complex areas such as strengthening trade governance, optimized trade operations to meet international standards, and trade facilitation and use of trade facilitation systems and increasing instruments. As the program concluded I became increasingly aware of how institutions work with global trade in developing countries like Timor-Leste.

What's next for you professionally?

There have been so many professional highlights and personal achievements in my life so far. I have learned from them all. Now, I have the confidance to focus on future. My curiosity, my passion for life-changing policy and planning, especially in finding non-profit, philanthropic partners, has continued to grow ever since my first work experience. My next step is to enter into any management in the industry experience and sound specialist knowledge.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

It is never to be late to pursue your career advancement while you are studying or completed your study. Curiosity, enthusiasm, perseverance, and follow-through will come easily when you dig into material that interests you. You will encounter classes, maybe “requirements“ that are tougher to get excited about, but try to keep your mind open to possibilities. Academic life is all about discovery. Committ yourself to succeed and stay motivated.