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Claudia Gasch

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Roger Narboni

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Roger Narboni is a French lighting designer, founded CONCEPTO in 1988, a lighting design studio near Paris, France.

He launched in 1987 a new discipline called Light Urbanism and has realised more than 130 lighting master plans and numerous landscape, urban and architectural lightings in France (Cathedrals of Paris and Reims, Garonne river landscape in Toulouse) and abroad (nightscape of Grand Canal in Hangzhou, Dujiangyan rivers nightscape, Main Gate of the old city of Jerusalem, Israël).


Mr. Roger Narboni:

  • launched recently the “Dark infrastructure” strategy, a new method to limit the light pollution and to preserve nocturnal biodiversity.
  • wrote a large number of articles and is the author of many known books and science-fiction novels.
  • has been invited as keynote speaker in congress, seminars and conferences in various countries in the world.
  • is now a worldwide renowned expert for lighting master planning and city lighting strategies.
  • teaches in Lighting Design Masters and leads international professional workshop about light urbanism, in France and abroad.
  • has designed and conceived numerous lighting products, supports and ranges for European manufacturers and has developed, since 10 years, prospective researches and creative studies on the topic of the future of urban lighting.