Forms of teaching


At the beginning of the semester, you start your self-study. Written teaching materials are included in the semester fee. These are in addition to specialist and textbooks, as well as relative study correspondence. With these established teaching materials, we ensure the local, temporal and technical independence of your distance education. For this you should allocate approximately 10 to 15 hours per week.

Attendance meetings

The 15-hour attendance meetings provide an additional seminar-style revision of the contents of the study material. The study groups with approx. 20 participants allows an interactive possibility of group and project work. In this one day event issues are reviewed, problem areas of autonomous disciplines are discussed in detail and dealt with. This event is regularly concluded with a corresponding examination.


As a distance learning student of the University of Wismar, we provide you with an on-line communication platform of the University of Wismar – StudIP, during your entire studies. This internet platform is a study-accompanying central communications medium through which you can gather an interactive and group-oriented learning and make contact with fellow students, lecturers, as well as your personal study supervisors.