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Maritime Logistics and Port Management (EN)

The first international Online Degree Programme for the worldwide maritime logistics sector.

In maritime shipping and port management, logistics is a highly complex business area and requires an excellently trained workforce. But with the extremely innovative Online Degree Programme “Bachelor Maritime Logistics and Port Management”, industry professionals from all over the world will be able to participate in a special part time study programme, which will qualify them for their next career steps in maritime business and logistics. This is ideal, since the requirements and demand for executives in this area are very high and are constantly increasing. „If you want to move up to the management level here, you’ll need years of industry experience and profound expertise,“ says Robert Howe, Managing Director of bremenports, and adds „Together with WINGS, a renowned provider of distance learning, we have designed the first online degree course for the shipping and logistics industry.“

The bachelor degree programme is international, in English and available worldwide. „For the first time, students from Germany, Southeast Asia, South Africa and South America will be able to learn together in a study group using the Online Campus and Study App,“ adds Dr. Sönke Reise. Internationally experienced professors and lecturers from Germany, Austria and Sweden teach their material via interactive video lectures and live tutorials. For practical experience, bremenports is an experienced partner in the industry. The examinations can be taken nationwide at eight locations, or worldwide at Goethe Institutes or partner universities, at embassies or public institutions. Those who study internationally today will have the very best prospects of establishing a successful career in one of the world‘s largest industries. Professionals with business-minded attitudes, controlling expertise, as well as project and process management skills are urgently needed in this industry. These people are employees of shipping lines, port companies, logistics companies and freight forwarders, but also lateral entrants who wish to qualify for sector-specific expertise and an international university degree for management positions.

The Online Degree Programme begins at the summer semester 2017 and the registration deadline is 28 February.