Isabell Lütkehaus

Dr. Isabel Lütkehaus – Lecturer

Module III - Team coaching and intercultural coaching

„To me, international business coaching means to encourage people in an international context to take responsibility for their actions and situations and to make the right decisions for themselves; to help them find the place in a global world that suits their talents and passions, and to help shape a happy, healthy professional environment where people work well, are innovative in achieving new things and work together well with colleagues, clients and supervisors."

Competencies and experience

Dr. lsabell Lütkehaus is a systemic supervisor and coach (DGSv), mediator (BM, BAFM) and attorney. As co-founder and managing director of the British consulting and asset management boutique 'Portelet', she has lived and worked in London, Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai and Zurich. Her work focused on business development and the support of medium-sized European companies in cross-border investments. During her time in Zurich, she headed management of the local office as technology scout for Family Desks, which served as an investor for start-ups and venture capital funded companies. After retuming to Germany In 2004, lsabell Lütkehaus founded the 'KonsensKanzlei Berlin' with a focus on mediation, supervision and coaching in the corporate and private spheres. Her areas of focus include the improvement and development of business development, cooperation and negotiation skills, as well as the resolution of conflicts in (management) teams, companies and in the context of corporate succession. In addition, lsabell Lütkehaus shares her experience and knowledge by writing mediation and communication books, leading seminars and workshops for executives, employees and teams, as well as training on mediation, team building, coaching, supervision, negotiation and communication.