Trade Finance

Global trade, logistics and finance are highly interrelated. Without availability of finance, there would be no trade, and - as a consequence - no need for logistics. This module introduces to concepts and tools of trade finance. It highlights the need for funding in global trade and demonstrates the sources and uses of finance in the context of supply chains.

  • Manifestations of international trade
  • Risks in international trade
  • Country risk
  • Foreign exchange risk
  • International credit risk
  • Terms of trade and terms of payment
  • Short-term trade finance
  • Medium-term and long-term trade finance
  • Structured trade finance
  • Project, asset and leveraged finance

Students are able to analyse financial implications of trade activities based upon the theories, models and techniques of international corporate financial management in order to evaluate and/or create financial solutions, by inter alia …

  • Developing an understanding for the role of finance in trade and logistics
  • Identifying financing risks in global supply chains
  • Explaining concepts to mitigate those risks and to provide financing for trading partners

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