Specialisation B: construction products in planning, construction and use of buildings

This module is comprised of two modules:  

Construction products in planning, construction and use of buildings - Design project II

Ecological holistic concepts: urban planning and design - basic principles

Module 1: Building Products in Building Planning, Construction and Use


  • Building biology - introduction
  • Pollutants from a chemical and human-toxicological perspective
  • Building products - application, quality management and documentation


Students will be made familiar with:

  • Basic questions concerning the relationship between human health and the built-up environment
  • Comfortable living spaces conditional on user health and safety
  • Essential pollutants of building products: influence, classification and prevention (based on your knowledge of the module 'Construction products/ pollutants')
  • Construction products selection based on product optimisation, market introduction of future-proof products and cost control
  • Selection guide: seal of quality and standards
  • Concepts for selecting ecological construction products considering planning, construction and lifecycle of buildings
  • Project work in context-related cooperation with the module 'Planning and Design' and 'Ecological holistic concepts'
  • Building design with a focus on construction and the application of building materials


Students will be able to select and apply construction products from an ecological and human-toxicological perspective.

Module 2:  Ecological Holistic Concepts: Urban planning and design - basic principles


  • Urban planning and design - fundamentals
  • Planning principals and synergies
  • Ecological cycle management
  • Additional concepts for building materials/ construction, energy, free space, mobility and water
  • Building assessment: developing a home information pack index


Students will be able to develop ecological holistic concepts for buildings and construction products: main goals, additional goals and target value.