Frequently Asked Questions

How many examinations will there be?


Every module is concluded with an examination.

The modules are partly concerned with written examinations and partly concerned with project work or design projects.

You will be informed of the method of examination for each of the respective modules by your lecturers at the beginning of each semester.

Course participants must pass all examinations with a minimum grade of 4.0. However, in the case of failure, you will receive one chance to repeat or, in special circumstances, the possibility of two repeat attempts.

Examinations may be re-written in a central re-examination, held on a fixed date. If you can not participate in this appointment, you can arrange an individual appointment with the programme supervisor. The re-assessment appointment must not take place in the actual study location.

How is contact with lecturers and fellow students maintained from home?


Virtual learning refers largely to telephone conferences which have proven to be very popular.

Together with your lecturer and fellow colleagues, you may clarify and ask general and basic questions, as well as discuss subjects relevant to the examination during these conferences.

The duration of each telephone conference varies considerably and depends on the study material that has been supplied previously. 

You are also given the opportunity to ‘chat' online using our intranet platform studIP. Furthermore, a forum is created for every module.

Some lecturers prefer students to write a collection of questions on the forum, which they answer 1x per week, others favour direct email contact or limit their contact to the telephone conferences.

You can contact the lecturers at any time by telephone or by email.

Which degree title do I receive after I have completed the programme?


The state approved Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree is awarded by the Hochschule Wismar - University of Technology, business and design. It is recognised nationally and internationally as verification of technical/ scientific competence.

The degree Master of Science entitles you to a promotion, as well as entrance into a higher civil service career. It is equitable to a university degree.

Which documents must I submit for registration?

  • The signed application form and a current passport photo
  • A copy of your curriculum vitae
  • A certified copy of authorised university access
  • A certified copy of your Bachelors certificate
  • Proof of your professional activities

When and how often do the seminars take place?


We will give you adequate notice regarding the times and locations of the seminar events so that you have time to arrange travel and/ or professional committments.

Can I incorporate projects from my practical training?


The design project in the second semester is proposed by you, as well project work within the framework of the specialist town planning course in the third semester.

We always see the integration of your professional activities in the form of development of real projects as meaningful and it is desired.

This is applies to the subject of the Master Thesis in particular.

The form and complexity of the developing project must however, be arranged with your respective supervisors.

What is the closing date for applications?


The final day for submission of applications is the 10/11 WS is 31.08.2010.

Please think carefully before you apply as the number of the participants is limited to 20-25 persons per group.

Does the degree entitle you to enter into the registry of architects as a licensed architect?


Since the introduction of the Bachelor/ Master system, admission into the Association of Architects is decided by individual examination.

Prior to this, the registration committee made their decision after the individual had completed a minimum of 4 years practical training.

In the mean time, the total number of credits gained is a decisive aspect, among other things, for admission. As a rule, you must prove that you have gained 240 Credits from architecture studies.

In the Master of Architecture and Environment at the Hochschule Wismar you can achieve 90 Credits (incl. the Master Thesis).

You must have gained at least 150 Credits from previous study (Architecture!) to attain qualification from the Association of Architects (in addition to meeting other requirements).