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Network Security and Management


  • Acquiring the knowledge of the development, structure and functionality of computer networks
  • Ability to evaluate the security architecture of networked computer systems
  • Ability to evaluate attack mechanisms and security-relevant aspects of networked computer systems
  • Ability to understand and assess mechanisms and strategies to increase the securities of computer networks
  • Ability to manage security-specific mechanisms in computer networks


  • Motivation and OSI security architecture,
  • Security engineering: procedure model, security problems, threats
  • Cryptology, symmetrical and asymmetrical cryptosystems and processes
  • Cryptographic hash functions (MD4/5, Wirpool)
  • Security measures
  • WLAN security
  • Complex security mechanisms (IPSec, SSL/TSL, ssh)
  • Firewall systems

Responsible expert

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ernst Jonas
+49 3841 753 - 7230

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Robert Friedrich

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