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Master Thesis and Colloquium


The purpose of a Master study course is not only to provide the practical, subject-specific contents leading to a profession, but also to enable students to perform independent, scientific and interdisciplinary research and problem analysis.

The Master thesis provides the framework to document the ability of the students to independently handle a subject-specific problem within a specified period with the technical and methodological knowledge gained in the study course based on academic methods as well as be able to analyse in-depth and further develop the subject matter and demonstrate the results gained in the course of the academic and practical discussion.

The Master thesis is complemented by the colloquium. The colloquium is intended to determine whether the students are able to both orally present and independently justify the results of their Master thesis in a convincing manner, taking into account the technical principles and interdisciplinary contexts, while – as appropriate – incorporating its practical significance.

The colloquium also provides the students with the opportunity to respond to any ambiguities and weaknesses in their thesis and correct them.


It is a practice-oriented theoretical discussion, including current questions of a specific segment of the study.

The Master thesis should be set out in a scientifically, theoretically, well-founded manner that is demanding in content while nevertheless applicable in practice.

By using the analysis and evaluation of current insights in the subject matter, the students are expected to use their knowledge to set out their own positions, develop solution concepts and present them in an appropriate manner.

The key part of the colloquium is the oral presentation of the contents and results of the prior Master thesis completed by the students.

Following the oral presentation, a discussion then takes place both to resolve any ambiguities or weaknesses contained in the thesis and address cross-thematic issues concerning the study course.

The assignment of the subject matter for the Master thesis ensues in consultation with the mentor taking account of the following points:

  • Placing it in the context of the study course
  • Scope
  • Academic standard
  • Relevance in practice
  • Sufficient literature existing on the subject matter

The colloquium deals with the subject of the Master thesis presented by the students as well as contents related to the study course.

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