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Investment and Financing


The students become familiar with the interrelationships of investment and financing; they are able to assess interactions between this areas. 

They know the organisational requirements for the safeguarding of investment planning and are able to classify the investment calculation into planning, oversight and control relationships. They recognise relationships/interactions between the investment calculation and other established corporate accounting, and are sensitised for possible sources of error.

The students are able to select suitable investment calculation processes against the background of the type/importance of investments as well as of the corporate objectives pursued, and apply to concrete decision-making cases. They are able to precisely determine the informative value of the results against the backdrop of the theoretical background of the assessment procedure used. The students become familiar with the central elements of corporate finance and are able to calculate the capital requirements of a company as well as assess its influencing factors in an interdisciplinary manner and on a scientific basis. They are able to formulate the possibilities of meeting these capital requirements by the use of classical and modern financial instruments. The students acquire skills enabling them to structure a company' financing on a modern basis. They are able to argumentatively demonstrate modern financing concepts according to the situation – both internally and externally. 


Investment calculation, corporate financing

  • Investment planning and financial management of the company
  • Static investment calculation methods
  • Dynamic investment calculation methods
  • Performing calculations
  • Informative value of the results against the background of theoretical model assumptions and differences of the assessment in theory and practice
  • Multi-dimensional evaluation of investment activities and projects
  • Calculating present values
  • Calculating yields and effective interest rates
  • Internal financing
  • External financing
  • Capital requirements and capital requirements calculation, including financial planning

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