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Database Systems in Business Environments


  • Familiarisation with the application areas of relational database systems in business environments
  • Ability to efficiently design relational databases
  • Ability to formulate complex SQL queries
  • Acquiring basic DBMS administration skills
  • Acquiring basic knowledge of the concepts: data warehouse, OLAP, business intelligence 


  • Fundamentals, principles, architectures and applications of relational databases in business environments
  • Data modelling and database designs
  • SQL and database programming
  • Overview of the concepts: data warehouse, OLAP, business intelligence
  • Practical exercises with the relational DBMS PostgreSQL and Oracle

Responsible expert

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Antje Raab-Düsterhöft
+49 3841 753 - 7629

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Robert Friedrich

+49 3841 753 - 5142