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International Tax and Customs Strategy

Taxation and customs play a major role in effecting global supply chains on a daily basis as well as in strategic sourcing and location decisions. This Module introduces the student to important taxation issues related to global trade and SCM. Further, it develops an understanding of the role of customs and its effects on trade.

The student is required to use the theorical knowledge in order to formulate practical solutions on tactical as well as strategic levels within the context of his/her professional experience in trade and/or logistics.

  • Build a basic knowledge of customs and taxation issues, with particular attention to trade
  • Develop an overview on (business) taxes and differences in an international context.
  • Identify the role and influence of customs on trade.
  • Formulate practical approaches to taxation and customs within the context of the own organisation, including customs clearance


Prof. Dr. Dominico Lamanna Di Salvo
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