Dashak Agarwal from India

Lighting Designer - The Love of Light

Please describe your connection to Wismar University - Wings Professional Studies - and your benefits after graduation?
I studied at the distance learning - Lighting design program at WINGS University from 2014 to 2016. I learnt a lot during the course of the program, not only professionally but also personally. With the best of faculty teaching us and eight years of experience in the lighting industry, I have managed to further expand my horizon about this particular field. Alongside, since we were a batch of students belonging to 15 countries, the exposure and interactions have only helped me garner knowledge. All like good things come to an end, so did Wismar. The course at Wismar, not only did it give me friends for life, but also honed my skills and exponentially grew my knowledge in the field of lighting design.

Why did you decide for the lighting design program at Wismar University?
At that time, I was specifically looking for courses in lighting design and Wismar was accepting applications then. That is how Wismar happened. After a lot of research about various universities and programs, I concluded that Wismar was:

  • Offering classes by highly qualified lighting professionals
  • Offered on the job training
  • Offered a comprehensive course entailing practical knowledge and textbook knowledge.

What did you like about the Master´s course in particular?
During my research, what attracted me to Wismar University in particular was the course structure. I loved how the course was spread out over the course of two years. I was particularly happy to know that the course had taken into consideration how different locations make a difference and thus conducted classes in Germany and Thailand.

What did change for you after your graduation?
I found a totally new perspective to the world of light and my thought process in my practice changes. Being a very new profession in India, the program gave me an edge and confidence to work in the field.

My Projects

Villa 403 - Is a residential project done by us in Hyderabad, India

We were invited by the Architect - MORIQ Interiors and Design Consultants - to work on this amazing home for a family of 3 generations. The line of thought/concept was very clear . To work and express through light the different forms of architecture and finishes of the home. At any point the home would convert to a big social gathering or a very quiet private space. Light was given importance to work on and freedom of expression was ensured.

Jewellery Store- Is a premium Jewellery Boutique project, Hyderabad India

The owners of the jewellery store have been dealing in antique gold jewellery, high-end diamonds and exquisite Kundan jewellery (a traditional form of Indian gemstone jewellery) since 1920. The colour palette included in the interiors already had reds and beiges. Hence, from a lighting perspective, we wanted to emphasize on yellow to golden colours, which can bring out the richness of the jewellery. The awe-inducing touch to the ceiling comes in the form of three 18th-century antique chandeliers. These crystal chandeliers, owned by the owners and passed on from their ancestors, are undoubtedly the highlight of the entire showroom.

The mythological reference, which also became the primary inspiration for the design, is Hindu Lord Shiva’s mount — Nandi. The revered Nandi, also symbolic of happiness, joy and satisfaction, is captured in cut-outs on the entire focal wall of the showroom. The idea was to play with light and shadow for this concept. Here, Nandi is highlighted with artificial light signifying happiness and joy, leaving behind the shadow, which is associated with evil and all things negative in Indian mythology.

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