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The specialisation “Heritage Lighting” will offer students the possibility to delve deeper into issues like lighting for heritage sites and buildings, lighting for protected sites, conservation, techniques and strategies for such sites and so on. Students will get the opportunity to opt for this specialisation from the 3rd Semester onwards and culminating in a Master's thesis on heritage lighting.

This specialisation is part of a long term plan to introduce similar specialisations in various field of lighting like “light and health”, “daylight”, “Hospitality and retail lighting” etc. We will keep you all posted on further such developments.

We have also taken this opportunity to further develop and extend the curriculum. Starting from September after a successful completion of the Master's Programme the students will be offered 120 ECTS Credit points, making this Master’s on par with on-campus Master's programme here in the University of Wismar. If you would like to get more information about curriculum details please contact Robert Friedrich

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